All about Me!
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My Stats:

Nicknames : Fable, Bear, PD, & Paradise Dreams
Birthdate : November 28th, 1978
Hometown : Stafford Va. USA
Zodiac : Sun Sign = Sagittarius  |  Moon Sign = Scorpio 
|  Rising Sign = Aquarius  |  True Sign = Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac : Year of The Horse
Favorite Color : Purple and any shade of it
Hair : Brunette w/ natural red and blonde highlights
Eyes : Blue / Green
Height : 5'3
Interests that you won't find in this website : Hanging out with friends and family, Scrapbooking, Outdoors, Horseback Riding, Playing Neopets, Eeyore, Art History, Traveling, Yoga, Books & Movies - horror, mystery, fantasy, thriller, sci-fi, suspence, Amusement parks - coasters & thrill rides, Astrology, Tarot, Researching taboo subjects, Learning anything new,
Studies of interest - Egyptology, Western Civilization, Astromomy, Biology, Animal Science, Physics, Quantum Physics
Personality Traits : Optimistic, highly organized, competitive, bossy at times, talkative, outgoing, shy at times, friendly, natural leader, can be self-centered & selfish, trendy, loud, creative, abrasive at times, artistic, crafty, imaginative, loyal, blunt, sarcastic, sometimes morbid, excellent sence of humor, easily ammused & confused, intelligent, nurturing, obscure, rarely bored, can be immature, political, melodramatic at times, honest, loves to be the center of good attention at times, protective, defensive, understanding, caring, forgiving, ambitious, extremely strong minded, and strong willed
A Brief Description Of My Life Thus Far:

My past really isn't all that interesting.
As a teenager I thought I had the worst family just like every other kid at my age. Turns out they aren't half bad. I probably wasn't the best daughter and did stupid stuff just like the majority of my peers. I had a lot of friends & aquaintances in school.
In high school, much to the dismay of my parents, I discovered the rave scene. This is where I aquired the nickname Fable. I went to my first party in 1997; the last party I attended was in 2007. I do not intend on going to anymore parties.
Through trials in my adulthood, I aquired a great deal of strength that has come in handy time and time again.
Currently, I am a Pet Care Manager at PETsMART. I love it and it's the perfect career direction I want to be in for now, my only complaint with it is the retail aspect of it. It is also succesfully putting me through college.
I decided to go to college a little late in life and am still a student. Because I work 50 hours a week I am only able to be a part time student. I do actually like it and pride myself in my high GPA. I've earned some acedemic honors like the President's List in 2008 and I was invited to join Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Psi Chapter in 2009. I am now a proud member of this prestigious society. Overall, I am bettering myself and that's the most important goal I have for myself.
I have a lot of goals that I would like to accomplish in my lifetime. I have a diverse work history and equally diverse interests in careers. This is why I have not picked my major at this time. However, being a sophmore I will have to do that sooner then I care to admit.
I have found that life is full of necessary surprises. I am not a person that lives with regrets and I have found that all that has happened in my life, good or bad, happened for a reason. I am not unhappy with the person I am today and therefore don't regret a single decision made up to this point in time. On the other hand there are decisions I feel bad about but feeling bad and regreting are two different things.
Whatever is in store for my future, I really want the same thing I have wanted all my life... to be truly happy.