My Chinchilla Page
Charlie's Profile:

Breed: Standard Grey Chinchilla
Gender: Male
Adopted: October 2008
Birthday: Approximately April 2008
Body Color: Grey and White / Standard Grey
Eye Color: Black
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Toy: Nut Knot Nibbler
Favorite Treat: Yogurt Drops
Interests: Staring at people, Playing Peek-A-Boo, Sleeping in the hut for the majority of the day, Wall-Surfing, Climbing on Mommy, Making noise for attention, Running around outside the cage.
Charlie's Story:

Charlie is a very special Chinchilla. He came from a breeder and to the pet store I work at with only one front leg. He could not be sold with this defect so he needed to be adopted out. I wasn't comfortable with the risk of someone not taking care of him properly or him being bounced around through different owners all his life. I also didn't want him bred any further. There were other associates that knew more about Chinchillas than I did but they could not take him. I had to read as much as I could as quickly as I could; I bought a couple good books and dug online. Now I know a tremendous amount of information on these silly, neat animals. The care was more straight forward than I initially expected and I am very glad I decided to adopt him.
He was named by a couple of the other associates and I didn't want to change it. He's named after Charlie the Unicorn which is a very silly show found on YouTube but should be on Adult Swim.
We've already formed a bond, something I thought would take a lot longer. After some time, patience, and help from treats (in moderation) I was able to bond with him fairly quickly.
I look forward of many years of companionship and the deep bond that these guys are known for.
He has a forever home with me and I love him very much.