Dark Wing  Camila Drakenborg - Used with permission.
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Created in 2004, this is my personal website that presents to visitors many of my hobbies and interests. Rest assured it is 100% family friendly.
I set this website up to be easy to navigate. You will find a link back to this page on every page of every section of this site so you shouldn't get lost.
The layout and theme graphics used throughout this site are not for you to take unless specified, they belong to only this website or used while properly crediting original artist or website and used with permission.
Some highlights to Moonshadow Gates include images and information portraying myself, my wonderful kitties, and my awesome chinchilla. My fur-babies have their own special pages, Kitty Crossing and Chinnie Crossing.
The Art Gallery offers an array of pieces that show many different forms and styles of art all done by myself over many years.
Shown in Moonshadow Gates is my addiction to adoptable pets, there is a section for them. If you would like to adopt any of the pets a link banner to the website where I got them is provided, please do not take them from here.
This site is always under construction because I myself continue to grow.

I hope you enjoy your stay at Moonshadow Gates.
Hello & Welcome to Moonshadow Gates.